Client Testimonials


Lindsey Wickham

Consistently training with Jake for the last five years is THE foundation for ALL of my successes in EVERY aspect of my life. When I first met Jake, I just graduated from law school and was beginning my career as a litigator at a competitive firm. I was an NCAA athlete who gained a lot of weight post grad, and I was feeling the effects of the gain via overall wear and tear on my knees and confidence.

Jake figured me out almost immediately. Realizing my intensity in all things, he knew that I needed an outlet for stress, so our program was geared to getting my body strong, so I could physically reduce stress, and my mind could operate at its optimal performance level.
I had some demons to beat and career goals to meet. Weight loss was a secondary goal. This did not deter Jake. He programmed workouts that catered to my competitive nature and set me up for a day of battle as I clawed my way up the ladder at work. After our first year of training, I realized that I had someone in my corner that cared about me and believed I was worth his time and effort.

As a natural leader, my life is devoted to counseling and helping others. I often feel spent and exhausted, used and abused. However, I never feel alone because I know Jake has my back. He has been tough and honest when he needed to be. He has been caring and forgiving when he needed to be. He has an innate sense of knowing what you need to kill it out in the world. And he gets you there. Even when you think you can’t stomach another day.

Together Jake and I have been through a lot of changes. I lost nearly 80 pounds. I’m not just strong; I’m FAST. I KILL IT at work. And I no longer try to self-destruct. I have no idea what the two of us will achieve together next – I but I know it will be awesome. I know he will be right there as I become the best friend, girlfriend, daughter, sister and attorney that I can be. If you feel at all lost, stagnant or discontent – rain with Jake. You WILL figure it all out. And you will be better and do greater than if you’d followed your own direction.

Donna Main

Jake Irwin is a rock star. I feel so fortunate to have him in my life. Jake has been my personal trainer for the past three years. I have two perspectives on having a coach, and Jake fits perfectly in both.

Starting in 2012, I began training with Jake, and he was incredibly challenging, and I was getting stronger each day. I trained with Jake three times each week and felt lucky to have found him.

Then, in February 2014, everything in my life changed. I had a horrific, life-threatening snowmobile accident in which I had a traumatic brain injury and was in a coma for several weeks. Additionally, I broke my jaw, both arms, and my pelvis and was confined to a wheelchair for some time. After several months of hospitalization and rehab, I was able to start seeing Jake again.

Words cannot describe how Jake has helped me heal both mentally and physically. His knowledge of rehab is incredibly impressive as is Jake’s encouraging words that you are getting stronger each day. I feel better every day and would not be where I am without Jake in my life. Thanks for everything Jake. You are amazing!

Andy Schrader

Having served in the United States Marine Corps, Jake Irwin’s training background stems from competing with some of the most elite soldiers in the world. He can quickly diagnose the physical training needs of his clients and adapt his workout regimens to their needs. Don’t bother showing up if you need to be coddled or babied. He is a true professional who will strive to push you out of your comfort level. Jake will give you the honest facts about what you need to do to get where you need to go!

When I first started training with Jake, I could barely run five miles. After incorporating his resistance and strength training workouts into my current cardio training, I was able to maximize my core strength and destroy my previous limits! I have now completed one road-running marathon and one off-road ultramarathon (31 miles), in

part thanks to Jake’s encouragement and “tough love.” My thanks go out to him and the crew at IAMFITNESS for their support and positive attitudes.

Missy Clark

I first met Jake, owner at IAMFITNESS in February of 2013. I was six weeks pregnant, and although I had been working out regularly, I knew my training program and my body were about to change in big ways! I regularly trained throughout my pregnancy and continue to do so four years later. Jake has seen me change A LOT! And what makes a good trainer? Being able to adapt my training program continuously to accommodate my changing body and meet my goals.  IAMFITNESS is NOT a one size fits all fitness facility.

I experienced fairly severe nerve damage during my pregnancy and had a major set back at the gym for almost a year. I fully trusted, and continue to trust, Jake and his team because; to put it simply, THEY KNOW WHAT THEY ARE DOING! My program has shifted dramatically multiple times, and I am now doing all the exercises I truly never though I would do again.  The trainers at IAMFITNESS are consistently furthering their education so that we, as clients, are getting the best programing, knowledge, and tools to reach our goals. Their dedication to each client as an individual is unquestionable. I have lost more than 70 lbs since giving birth to my daughter, and I am the strongest I have ever been.  Jake and his team keep me motivated with a no-nonsense attitude and nothing but positive encouragement.


Neysa Goldapp

I gained the usual 40 pounds during my pregnancy. I worked out regularly while pregnant, did not expect the extreme change my body would endure after giving birth eight months ago. Although I worked out, I had no muscle after birth! When my son was about four months old, I came to Jake for help. Best thing I ever did! He has transformed my body, and I am in the best shape of my life! Jake pushes me to the limit and doesn’t let me get away with anything, literally nothing, and that’s why I am where I am today!! Thanks Jake for being the best!!!

Armando Tundidor

“Jake is the most focused personal trainer ever. He is dedicated, inspiring and always pushes my limits. He consistently gives 150% to me, and in return, I’ve made incredible strides, seen a remarkable improvement in overall health and a complete body transformation. Of the trainers I’ve worked with in my lifetime, none compare to Jake. I am a true believer in his approach to fitness. Thank you, for knowing how far to push my physical limits, for taking me out of my comfort zone, for believing in me and being a great friend.” 

Steve Clark

When I first met Jake and Travis I was just a pencil necked computer geek.  My back hurt all of the time from sitting hunched over at the computer all day.  The only thing that I could lift was my mouse pad.  I thought cross fit was for crazy people who liked to flip tractor tires.  Then, one day my wife dragged me into the gym for an evaluation.  Right away I knew that this was what I needed. 

I worked with Jake for quite some time, and then later with Travis.  I no longer suffer from chronic knee pain and my back is strong like an ox.  Plus  I feel like a real man now.