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  • Jake Irwin

Iamfitness Programming February 3rd - February 8th

Monday- February 3rd

Warm up

-hop in/out push up position


-push-ups -10-8-6-4-2

-squat hold hops- 20-16-12-8-4



-single arm snatch burpee- 10

-single arm thruster -12

-single arm snatch burpee- 10

-single arm thruster -12

-alt rows push up position -30 total

-step back/forward lunge-20 total

-step back/forward lunge-20 total

-100 singles jump rope

Tuesday- February 4th

Warm up: Coaches choice


30 Dirty DB Complexes

Rest 2:00

20 Dirty DB Complexes

Rest 2:00

10 Dirty DB Complexes

(Increase DB every Round)

A dirty DB complex is performed with two DBs and is a double DB deadlift, clean and jerk and cluster

Bonus: TBD

Wednesday- February

8 Min to find 1RM Bear Complex



30 Min Amrap

1 Bear Complex( 80% of 1 rm)

34 DB Snatch

34 Box Jumps

400M run

Thursday - February 6th

Warm-up: Coaches Choice




Rest 5:00

Repeat FRAN

Rest 5:00

Repeat FRAN

Friday- February 7th

Warm-up: Coaches Choice


John’s Going Away Surprise

Saturday - February 8th


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