Mike Brower

Mike Brower is a highly experienced personal trainer and coach with a passion for strength training and functional movement. He began his fitness journey in 2008 when he became NASM certified and started training at Bally Total Fitness. Mike quickly found his niche in TRX and kettlebell training, and honed his skills in these areas.
In 2009, Mike moved to Lifestyle, where he continued to develop his expertise in functional training. He spent over a decade in CrossFit, where he focused on coaching gymnastics and Olympic weightlifting. Mike‘s dedication and hard work paid off when he was given the opportunity to coach athletes at the biggest stage, the CrossFit games.
Mike‘s philosophy revolves around the importance of strength training and functional movement. He believes that everyone can benefit from incorporating these elements into their fitness routine, regardless of their fitness level or goals. Mike is committed to helping his clients achieve their fitness goals, whether it’s improving their overall health and well-being or preparing for a specific athletic event. His passion for fitness is contagious, and he inspires his clients to push themselves to new heights.
“Discipline always beats motivation.”
Travis Winans

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Name:Mike Brower

Address:                       2130 Central Avenue