Consistently training with Jake for the last five years is THE foundation for ALL of my successes in EVERY aspect of my life. When I first met Jake, I just graduated from law school and was beginning my career as a litigator at a competitive firm. I was an NCAA athlete who gained a lot of weight post grad, and I was feeling the effects of the gain via overall wear and tear on my knees and confidence.

Jake figured me out almost immediately.  Realizing my intensity in all things, he knew that I needed an outlet for stress, so our program was geared to getting my body strong, so I could physically reduce stress, and my mind could operate at its optimal performance level.

I had some demons to beat and career goals to meet. Weight loss was a secondary goal. This did not deter Jake. He programmed workouts that catered to my competitive nature and set me up for a day of battle as I clawed my way up the ladder at work. After our first year of training, I realized that I had someone in my corner that cared about me and believed I was worth his time and effort. 


As a natural leader, my life is devoted to counseling and helping others. I often feel spent and exhausted, used and abused. However, I never feel alone because I know Jake has my back.  He has been tough and honest when he needed to be. He has been caring and forgiving when he needed to be. He has an innate sense of knowing what you need to kill it out in the world.  And he gets you there.  Even when you think you can’t stomach another day.


Together Jake and I have been through a lot of changes. I lost nearly 80 pounds. I’m not just strong; I’m FAST. I KILL IT at work. And I no longer try to self-destruct. I have no idea what the two of us will achieve together next – I but I know it will be awesome. I know he will be right there as I become the best friend, girlfriend, daughter, sister and attorney that I can be. If you feel at all lost, stagnant or discontent – rain with Jake. You WILL figure it all out. And you will be better and do greater than if you’d followed your own direction.

Lindsay Wickham