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Our Trainers


Our personal trainers are highly qualified and ever evolving in the fitness industry. Each coach takes pride in providing a service that is a step above the rest. We encourage and push you to achieve your fitness goals. We believe the whole - strength, endurance, flexibility and stamina  - lead to wellness and peace of mind. IAMFITNESS is personal training at it's best.




Jake is the owner of IAMFITNESS. He is a National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), certified personal trainer. He is also certified as a Performance Enhancement Specialist (PES) and a Corrective Exercise Specialist (CES).


Jake is a no-nonsense, no-frills, straight-shooting personal trainer. His perspective on training parallels his approach to life. This stems as much from his innate character, as to the fact that he served in the Marine Corps. At IAMFITNESS, you'll find that Jake values dependability, integrity, decisiveness, initiative and endurance.


Jake dedicates his time to pushing each client to his or her full potential. He believes that training should not be limited to one particular style - but a hybrid of all types of training.


His motto is, "If you Believe it, You Become it!"

Travis Winans

Travis is a USA Olympic Weightlifting certified and Crossfit Level 1 Coach. He has a broad background in both football and basketball as both player and performance coach. 


He has 12 years of personal training experience including as a performance coach at Golden Bear Sports Performance and Athletic Edge in California. He has a passion for working with young athletes from as young as eight years old all the way to Pro level.


Travis is dedicated to every one of his clients in making sure they reach goals that they might have saw as not possible. Always testing the limits and challenging the body in new ways through functional training tailored to each individual.

John Gentile

John is a certified strength coach, weightlifting coach, and personal trainer. John has his Bachelors of Science in Human Movement and Performance from Florida Southern College in Lakeland, Florida. John’s training career started in college and escalated to being a Strength and Conditioning Coach with the Detroit Tigers for five years. "I enjoy seeing my clients succeed in and out of the gym. Achieving fitness goals don’t always have to be accomplished in the gym."




“Everyone feels fear. The secret to success is managing that fear.”  - Ben Bergeron


“You have no control over the end state results of your goals. Focus on effort. The effort is what gives you all the good stuff.” - Ben Bergeron


“You have to believe you can be successful before having others around you believe you are successful.”  - John Gentile

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